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First, the bad news. I know the novices were really stoked about this morning….as they have every right to be: you had a great morning. More on that later. Unfortunately, the forecast for Tuesday is beyond awful, with high winds and heavy rain forecast. So all women plus Ben, Alex and Ethan, will train at the school on Tuesday at 6:30. This includes the crew that was scheduled to go out Tuesday afternoon. Erik, Harrison, Lucas & Kieran can check with Mike as to what to do. The rest of the week is not looking great, but we will make the call on each day, the day before. Looking ahead, Sunday’s forecast looks good, so if our week is as awful as forecast, I may give you your day off on Saturday and schedule a row Sunday instead, at 5:10. You would be done at 7:40, as usual. Stay tuned for this and let me know now if you will be out of town or unavailable on Sunday, April 9.

An enthusiastic WELL DONE to everybody this morning, and an excellent first day on the water for all our novices!!! Good reports back from Pete’s crews, and my eight managed to row all 8 at 30 for a time. Yes, it was a bit wobbly, but trust me, it will get better every day. We got a lap in, which is fantastic for today!
Well done on dealing with the confusion this morning. First days ALWAYS present their challenges, but we managed to get through it and get a good row in. Now that we’ve done it once, it will be smooth. I can’t believe that, despite the challenges this morning, we still managed to hit the H2O before 6!

A couple of notes.
1. We have been assigned both boats on the trolleys and one other engine. The trolley’d boats use straight gas only, which is marked in white on the jerry cans. The hose will ALWAYS stay with the boat, and we will remove the gas tank and keep it in the bed of the truck daily until further notice. The engine never comes off the trolley’d boats!
2. Until the boat ramp is available, the process to put it in will be to trolley it to the dock, then lift it off the trolley and put it in the water. You still need to get paddles and lifejackets and lights.

Questions? Please ask!