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Forecast is possible for Wednesday morning and favourable for Wednesday afternoon. We will attempt both. Please come with running shoes prepared to run or erg for both sessions if we cannot row. The Wednesday AM boatings are as follows:
1X (WITH MIKE): Lauren
2X (WITH PETE): JUSTICE (B) Kat, (S) Erin
4+ (WITH TOM): CHESTER CX: Shayda (S) Maddy, (3) Sequoia, (2) Serena, (B) Sarah
4+: (WITH PETE) MILLER (CX: Ella, (S) Becca, (3) Ethan, (2) Julia, (B) Meegan
8+ (WITH TOM): MORREALE CX: Meaghan, (S) Alex, (7) Susan, (6) Kate B, (5) Ben C, (4) Zaiga, (3) Ciara, (2) Maura, (B) Fiora

Wednesday at 4PM is optional and open to all, but may be the last time we get on the water before Sunday. Conditions are supposed to be good, so anybody who wishes to row Wednesday at 4PM can do so. I would strongly suggest the jr quad comes out, plus anyone not scheduled to row on Wednesday morning. Anyone who chooses to do a double session on Wednesday will NOT train on Thursday morning.