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We need collection buckets made for next Saturday’s Fortino’s fundraiser. Please get an empty container used for whey protein. Lauren has one if you need to know what it looks like. Cut a slot in the top of it to fit all coins and donations. Then ring it with black, yellow and green Westdale colours and put a sign on it that says “Westdale SS Rowing”. The following teams are responsible for producing one bucket each to be handed in by Thursday’s practice. I will be the keeper of the buckets and bring them to the fundraiser.
Erik, Lucas
Kieran, Harrison
Alex J, Ethan
Lauren, Victoria
Kat, Susan
Sadie, Gillian
Meegan, Maura
Kate B, Sarah
Charlotte, Shayda
Ciara, Ben
Ella, Molly
Kenzie, Meaghan
Sequoia, Fiora
Kate McG, Zaiga
Becca, Maddy
Julia, Serena

The teams & times for next Saturday’s fundraiser were posted on March 23rd on the blog. Please check and confirm that you will be there. Those of you with unisuits, please wear them while you are erging at the store. A Westdale Rowing hoodie or other Westdale Rowing wear works great the rest of the time. You will be doing approximately 15 minutes each on the erg at the store–we will start at 0 metres and see how far we get in the 7 hours we are there. Again, please do not expend huge energy on the erg to the point of getting sweaty–you will be going back to grocery bagging, so nobody wants sweaty hands handling their groceries!! Technically proficient and focused would be perfect!