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Dear Rowers, Coaches, and Parents,
Despite posing for a team photograph, Westdale Rowing was omitted from last year’s yearbook. I connected with the teacher in charge of the yearbook to find out what we could do to ensure this did not happen again. She has sent me a link to the digital platform so we can upload images directly to the yearbook. I understand that a team picture has already been taken and will hopefully (!!) be used this year.
Unfortunately, images for the PRINTED version are due by May 1st (thereby missing all our outdoor regattas but including City, National and Provincial Indoor Championships and Coach Peter’s sweet practice pics — hint, hint, Peter), but we can continue to post images for the DIGITAL version through the end of the school year.
Please email me — larissa.c@mac.com — any photographs you have of this year’s (October 2016-June 2017) rowing activities for inclusion in the yearbook. Images sent on or before May 1st will be considered for inclusion in the printed version (over which we have no control, but hope the yearbook folks will be so overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of our photographs that they will not be able to resist!).
And keep sending post-May 1st for inclusion in the digital version available in July.
Many thanks,
Larissa Ciupka

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