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Some updates on both fundraisers–please read!

1. Lucas & Heather (teaching intern with Peter), both have collection buckets if you are having trouble finding them. Remember to bring your COMPLETED buckets on Thursday morning to practice—I need to approve them and know that they’re done!!!

2. Please be at Fortino’s 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME, which is below! You need to watch a video and get a rundown on things to know. While you are bagging groceries, please remember that you are a representative of Westdale Rowing, and also part of Fortino’s for that time. There will be certain rules we’ll have to follow–I’m guessing no phones, no chewing gum, and be focused on bagging the groceries. Be happy, be courteous, and talk lots to the customers who will be curious about why we’re doing this! Information that will come in handy when talking to customers:
–We’re fundraising towards the purchase of a new rowing boat that will be shared with our parent club, Leander Boat Club (if they ask what type of rowing boat, you can tell them our goal is a quad (4 people sculling, for novices);
–Leander BC is celebrating it’s 90th birthday this year, however rowing clubs have dotted Hamilton Harbour since 1877 (140 years!);
–We start at 5:10am every morning. If you are scheduled on Saturday morning, tell them “that includes this morning”!
–Our target this season is to try to make a final at CSSRA, the (Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association Championships), the first weekend in June.
–If you find some people who are really interested, we will have some Row For Heart flyers around that is a fundraising Learn To Row for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. You can direct those folks to me.

3. Late notice, but I will need at least one parent available at all times over the course of the day. This doesn’t have to be the same parent the whole day and can be coordinated with your son or daughter’s shift. Tasks will include getting the rowers transitioned to and from the erg and reminding them when they are erging (I will have a schedule). Also, reminding the rowers of Fortino’s rules and make sure we’re adhering to them, keeping an eye on our collection buckets and making sure we’re emptying them. Plus any tasks that need doing. I will be there the whole day, but will need some help along the way!

4. Meegan is doing a double shift, but I would like one or two more volunteers to do a double, please. Fortino’s will be really busy that day!!

5. I will take the erg to Fortino’s and bring it back to the school. We are going to start at 0 at 10AM, and see how many metres we get to by 6PM. The screen cannot go dark, otherwise we lose our metres–when you are being relieved from the erg, a la Mac 2×4, the person getting off should keep the handle moving while the other person straps themselves in, then hand off the handle. You’ll be doing roughly 12-15 minute pieces on the erg. Again, I can’t stress this enough: Do NOT do this to the point of sweating profusely or working super hard. Remember that you will be going back to bagging people’s groceries, so the last thing we need is for you to be sweaty! Imagine how you’d feel if someone just came off the erg all sweaty grabbed your tomatoes and plums and put them in a bag. Not very appealing! So be focused on making TECHNICALLY GOOD strokes that are not at 30 strokes a minute or at your 2K split please!!!!

6. Have FUN and smile! This is our day to showcase Westdale Rowing to the community. Be proud of what you do–I think you’ll find that people will be engaged in your sport, so tell them about it!!!

10AM-12:45PM: Serena, Sequoia, Charlotte, Fiora, Ciara, Ethan, Alex, Lauren, Vic, Kenzie, Kat, Sadie

12:45PM-3:30PM: Kat, Susan, Meegan, Maura, Maddy, Gillian, Shayda, Molly, Zaiga, Kate M, Julia, Kieran R-D

3:30PM-6PM: Meaghan, Becca, Erik, Lucas, Harrison, Kieran R-D (double shift), Ben, Susan, Maura (double shift), Ella, Meegan (doing double duty)

1. Wine can be dropped off on April 22nd at morning practice (a week from Saturday). It is two bottles per family.

2. One of the parents graciously volunteered at the meeting, to help with the wine baskets and neither Dina nor I can remember who it was!

More info to come from Dina!

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