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A couple of late notes about Saturday.
1. If you haven’t done so, please bring the collection buckets Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. I need to have them so I can bring them Saturday.
2. First, make sure you go to the correct Fortino’s. It’s the one at King & Dundurn (East side of the 403). You need to be there 20 minutes before your shift starts. Fortino’s will show us a short video, then away we go! Long pants are required. Please wear pants over your rowing shorts, then when your time comes to erg, get into shorts only and away you go. Westdale rowing gear, please.
2. I don’t know if we have a Westdale rowing banner, but I’m told we can have one onsite! I didn’t realize this, but if one already exists, let’s use it! If not, we’ll know for the next one we do.
3. Those doing double shifts, THANK YOU!!! I tried to have the double shifters erg only once, but I couldn’t get that to work. HOWEVER, you will notice your second erg shift is only 6 minutes long, which allows us to keep the wheel spinning until 6PM! Those doing double shifts can take a quick break in the second one, but let’s stagger the breaks so not everybody goes at once!
4. We are not shooting for any specific number of metres on the erg—just to see how many we can achieve as our Westdale Team during the whole day. (WITHOUT getting all sweaty, please!!!!!!)

Here is the final roster for Saturday, including erg times! Smile! Be nice! And above all, HAVE FUN!!!!
10AM-12:45PM: Serena, Sequoia, Charlotte, Fiora, Ciara, Ethan, Alex, Lauren, Vic, Kenzie, Sadie.
ADULT SUPERVISORS: Mike, Tom, Ian Ross. (Ian, I will put you in charge of the erg and making sure the rowers transition. We may need to fill in bagging while the changeover happens)
Serena: 10:00-10:16
Sequoia: 10:16-10:32
Charlotte: 10:32-10:48
Fiora: 10:48-11:04
Ciara: 11:04-11:20
Ethan: 11:20-11:37
Alex: 11:37-11:54
Lauren: 11:54-12:11
Vic: 12:11-12:28
Sadie: 12:28-12:45

12:45PM-3:30PM: Kat, Susan, Meegan, Maura, Maddy, Gillian, Shayda, Molly, Zaiga, Kate M, Julia, Kieran R-D
ADULTS: Mike (until 2), Jane Walker (2:30-3:45), Tom (Tom in charge of the erg changeover)
Kat: 12:45-1:00
Susan: 1:00-1:15
Meegan: 1:15-1:30
Maura: 1:30-1:45
Maddy: 1:45-2:00
Gillian: 2:00-2:15
Shayda: 2:15-2:30
Molly: 2:30-2:45
Zaiga: 2:45-3:00
Kate M: 3:00-3:15
Julia: 3:15-3:30
Kieran R-D: No erg–will do 18 minutes in next group

3:30PM-6PM: Kat (double shift), Meaghan, Becca, Erik, Lucas, Harrison, Kieran R-D (double shift), Ben, Susan, Maura (double shift), Ella, Meegan (double shift)
ADULTS: Tom, Peter (Pete in charge of the erg changeover)
Becca: 3:30-3:48
Erik: 3:48-4:06
Lucas: 4:06-4:24
Harrison: 4:24-4:42
Kieran R-D: 4:42-5:00
Ben: 5:00-5:18
Ella: 5:18-5:36
Kat: 5:36-5:42
Susan: 5:42-5:48
Maura: 5:48-5:54
Meegan: 5:54-6:00