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We are rowing at 8AM on Monday.  I will put out the rest of the week once we get through Saturday’s fundraiser.

On the horizon, FYI, Brock hasn’t asked yet, but he will be asking for the chili cookoff ticket money soon.  If you haven’t sold them, please take care of this.

I will also be focusing on collecting the spring $40 fee once this weekend is out of the way.

1X: (WITH TOM) Lauren
1X: (WITH TOM) Vic
2X: (WITH PETE) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
4X: (WITH TOM) (ASTRA) (S) Sadie, (3) Susan, (2) Kat, (B) Meegan
4+: (WITH PETE) CX: Meaghan, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Fiora
8+: (WITH PETE) CX: Kenzie, (S) Serena, (7) Julia, (6) Gillian, (5) Charlotte, (4) Zaiga, (3) Kate M, (2) Ciara, (B) Maura


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