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Let’s have a GREAT week, all! Most of this week looks really good wind-wise, so let’s get into the mindset of putting in some miles. Remember, “MILES MAKE CHAMPIONS”! We’re starting structured workouts this week instead of just steady state rowing (which incorporates well with teaching novices how to row). I’ve put these below. We like to be “first on, last off”, especially at this time of year when mileage is SO important! Looking to get the novices launched before 5:40 this week–it’s a great goal for you to get to that point. Be on the ball on the tasks that need to be done and we will get there easily. If you see somebody doing something, HELP THEM!
NOTE: The Morreale wiring is split, meaning that neither cox box or cox vox will work. I’m aware of this and am trying to replace it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, if you are assigned to cox this boat, pretend we are back in the Westdale gym at opposite ends, and you’re having a conversation with someone on the other side!
We have two coach boats in the morning now, not 3. Pete and I will split up the mornings. I have a hellacious work schedule this week–working til 1:30am most days, so those of you who know me to be a bit grumpy on mornings after these shifts will likely be overjoyed that I won’t be there for some mornings. My wife has declared mornings that I AM there this week will be designated “Be Nice To Tommy” mornings!!

6 x 30 Power Strokes @ 22.
2 x 10′ @ 24.
1x (WITH MIKE): Lauren
4X: (WITH MIKE) (S) Vic, (3) Kat, (2) Susan, (B) Meegan
2X: (WITH PETE) (B) Sadie, (S) Erin
4+ (WITH PETE) CX: Meaghan. (S) Becca, (3) Sequoia, (2) Serena, (B) Maddy
4+-2: (WITH PETE) CX: Ella. (S) Zaiga, (3) Kate M, (2) Gillian, (B) Fiora

4X: (S) Charlotte, (3) Kate B, (2) Maura, (B) Ciara
1x: Sarah
Tub: Ben

EITHER Time trial
Pyramid: 2’each at 22-24-26-28-26-24-22 continuous.
1X: (WITH MIKE) Lauren
2X: (WITH MIKE) (B) Susan, (S) Kat
4+: (WITH TOM) CX: Kenzie. (S) Julia, (3) Gillian, (2) Zaiga, (B) Kate M
8+: (WITH TOM) CX: Molly. (S) Sarah, (7) Kate B, (6) Fiora, (5) Ben, (4) Maura, (3) Ciara, (2) Serena, (B) Sequoia

***This is an afternoon row. Let me know if there is a problem***
4X: (S) Erin, (3) Vic, (2) Meegan, (B) Sadie

If we time trial on Wednesday, we’ll do pyramid Thursday. If we didn’t time trial Wednesday, we’ll do Castle Thursday. Coxies, take note and follow this one!
2′ each at 22-24-26-24-26-28-26-28-30-28-26-24-26-24-22. Continuous. Rest only at turnaround points.
1X: (WITH TOM) Vic
1X: (WITH MIKE) Lauren
2X: (WITH TOM) (B) Meegan, (S) Kat
2X: (WITH TOM) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
4+: (WITH MIKE. GO FAST, TURN QUICK) CX: Kenzie. Sadie, Susan, Erin, Becca
8+: (WITH TOM) CX: Meaghan. (S) Maddy, (7) Sequoia, (6) Serena, (5) Kate M, (4) Zaiga, (3) Gillian, (2) Kate B, (B) Ben

2X: (S) Charlotte, (B) Ciara
2X: (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
Tub: Maura

1X (WITH MIKE): Lauren
1x: (WITH PETE) Vic
1x: (WITH PETE) Sarah
2x: (WITH MIKE) (B) Sadie, (S) Meegan
2x: (WITH MIKE) (B) Susan, (S) Erin
4+: (WITH PETE) CX: Molly. (S) Julia, (3) Zaiga, (2) Kate M, (B) Gillian
8+ (WITH PETE) CX: Shayda. (S) Becca, (7) Sequoia, (6) Serena, (5) Fiora, (4) Maddy, (3) Charlotte, (2) Ciara, (B) Maura

4+ (Chester) CX: Kenzie
1X: (WITH MIKE) Lauren
1X: (WITH PETE) Sarah
2x: (WITH MIKE) (B) Sadie, (S) Susan
2X: (WITH MIKE) (B) Kat, (S) Erin
8+ (WITH PETE) CX: Shayda. (S) Becca, (7) Sequoia, (6) Fiora, (5) Maddy (4) Julia, (3) Serena, (2) Zaiga, (B) Kate M

2x: (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
4X: (B) Meegan, (2) Ciara, (3) Maura, (S) Charlotte

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