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The date to the BIGGEST gastronomic feast of the rowing year is fast approaching, and there are many “burning” questions still to be answered! (Haha–get it? “Burning”?? “Spicy”??? :):)
–Will anyone de-throne the reigning Chili King, Davide Castellana??
–Will Coach Mike reincarnate his infamous “Guatemalan Insanity Pepper” that will no doubt require a visit from the Hamilton Fire Department to quench the burn from those who brave it’s burning qualities?
–Will Tim Hastings and Family repeat their raffle domination and take home what was essentially “Wine for a Year”???!!!
–Who will win the prizes that have been personally signed by some of the most famous rowers in the world???

All these questions will soon be answered on what is to be a FANTASTIC night for Leander, for Westdale and for all our friends and family who attend!

Some upcoming tasks:

ASAP: Sign up is now open for chili, desserts and salads. Please sign up so we can get an idea of numbers! The sign up link is here:


WEDNESDAY MORNING (TOMORROW): Brock will be at the club to collect all ticket money. Any questions you have about the event, please ask Brock tomorrow, or e-mail/text me and I will get an answer for you!

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