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We haven’t made a decision for Saturday morning yet.  I will let you know later in the day.

For the Mothers Day Regatta, I’ve decided to put the Jr. Women’s 4x into the Jr. 4+ race instead, given our Noah-like weather.  Expect that once we get some extended decent weather, we will be trying to ramp you up to speed in both the quad and doubles—and maybe even a single if any of you four have the wish to try and race one!  If you get good enough, it could be a second event for you a CSSRA.    Let me know.  Also, due to not enough time in singles, I have removed the 1x entries for all but Meegan and Lauren for Mothers Day.  The plan is still to have all the seniors race a 1x at either Welland or Cities!!!  Remember…..the better you learn to move a single, the better you will have learned to move a bigger boat!

Finally, spring fees of $40 are due now.  Some have filtered in–thank you.  As mentioned at the meeting in March, we have subsidized the spring season heavily through two very successful fundraising events.  We have earmarked some of the money towards regatta entry fees and costs, which is why the spring cost isn’t $110!  As well, a significant portion is earmarked for the future purchase of a new quad, HOPEFULLY for next season.  Cheques for $40 can be made out to Westdale Rowing.

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