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First regatta of the season is done and dusted and Westdale ROCKED! 7 entries, 7 solid performances, 3 finalists, two podiums and one gold medal. All finals were 4-boat finals (the norm is 6), so it wasn’t easy to make any of the finals today!

VARSITY MEN 4+ (Cox: Meaghan, Erik, Lucas, Harrison, Kieran). 13 entries. Valiant effort and just missed the final by 5 seconds.

VARSITY MEN 4X: Same crew as above minus Meaghan. 12 entries. Fastest time in the time trial. Won the final!

VARSITY WOMEN 2X: Three Westdale entries in a field of 21. Lauren/Victoria, Kat/Susan & Sadie/Erin. Kat/Susan & Erin/Sadie raced their first ever doubles race and learned a TON that will stand to them when they do it again! K/S finished 12th and E/S 14th. Well done–can’t wait to see your next one! Lauren and Vic made the final with the fourth fastest time and improved one place in the final. Well done!

VARSITY WOMEN 4X: Lauren/Vic/Kat/Meegan. 10 boat field and we made another final! The windy conditions proved a bit of a challenge in the final and we finished fourth.

VARSITY WOMEN 4+: Cox: Kenzie, Sadie, Susan, Erin & Becca. 23 entries, so making a four boat final would have been a huge challenge in an open category, but they had a solid, gutsy row and finished 10th.


Speaking of Mothers Day, here are the entries! For juniors, most have one event, with a few having two. We figure it’s a big day for you with a lot of anxiety and nerves….so focus on that one event and do it very, very well! For coxies, all have one event except Shayda, who has two. Molly and Ella will be prioritized in the next two regattas for extra events.

EVENT 3: SR MEN 2X: Harrison, Kieran

EVENT 4: JR WOMEN 4+ #1: (COX) Ella, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Fiora
JR WOMEN 4+ #2: (COX) Shayda, (S) Charlotte, (3) Ciara, (2) Maura, (B) Kate B

EVENT 11: SR WOMEN 4X: (B) Kat, (2) Sadie, (3) Vic, (S) Lauren

EVENT 15: SR MEN 72 KG 2X: (S) Ben, (B) Ethan

EVENT 18: SR MEN 1X #1: Erik
SR MEN 1X #2: Lucas

EVENT 19: SR WOMEN 4+: (COX) Kenzie, (S) Vic, (3) Kat, (2) Susan, (B) Meegan

EVENT 22: SR WOMEN 63KG 4+: (COX) Meaghan, (S) Erin, (3) Sadie, (2) Becca, (B) Julia

EVENT 23: SR MEN 4X: Harrison, Kieran, Erik, Lucas

EVENT 24: SR WOMEN 1X #1: Lauren
SR WOMEN 1X #2: Meegan

EVENT 27: JR MEN 2X: (S) Ethan, (B) Alex

EVENT 28: JR WOMEN 59KG 4+: (CX) Molly, (S) Julia, (3) Gillian, (2) Charlotte, (B) Kate M

EVENT 33: SR WOMEN 2X #1: (S) Susan, (B) Kat
SR WOMEN 2X #2: (S) Erin, (B) Meegan

EVENT 34: JR WOMEN 63KG 4+: (CX) Shayda, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Serena

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