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1. Coxies need two 7/16ths wrenches and an adjustable wrench to check their boats each morning. Many experienced coxies use a fanny pack to carry this stuff in. Checking is part of your pre-row duties and is a vital part of being a good coxie.

2. As long as we have the huge puddle, boots are required. We were able to get around the rule this morning due to very few crews out and the fact the puddle receded a bit. With a full club down tomorrow, dry space will be at a premium, so you need your boots. Nobody walks through puddles with no boots.

3. A reminder that spring fees of $40 are due now. Cheque made out to Westdale Rowing if not done yet.

4. Loading for our first regatta will be Saturday morning. I’ll be pairing up experienced rowers with novices. Novices please purchase two 7/16ths wrenches each from a hardware store. Advice: Be a sponge and learn as much from your experienced rower as you can. There is a LOT required for a regatta:

–de-rigging boats;
–marking the spot on the gunwale where the bolts came from;
–labelling riggers as to what boat and what seat they’re from;
–affixing the nuts, bolts and washers back to the boat;
–bungeeing the seats in;
–loading the boat onto the trailer in its proper spot;
–COUNTING and LOADING ALL THE OARS! ((Kind of hard to race a boat when you don’t have oars)).
–TYING THE BOAT DOWN TIGHTLY!!!! ((This is the most important task!!! Doing this properly will avoid giving your coach high blood pressure when he has to climb in amongst the boats and hang like a chimpanzee from one of the racks while trying to tighten the innermost strap on a boat that wasn’t tied properly. You might laugh at the analogy, but trust me when I say that we aren’t laughing if we have to fix that mistake))
–making sure the stretchers are loaded.

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