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Do not forget:  Your racing unisuit, changes of clothes, warm wear, sunscreen, hat, rain gear, and school ID (this is a new one, but we’ll need it if you make a final).

Here is the day sheet.  Do not be late for pre-race meetings.  Pay attention to when you are supposed to launch and retrieve boats/oars from the dock–we need huge help with this on Sunday and I can guarantee you my level of happiness will not be very high if I find out that munching on a donut in the parents tent was more important to you than launching or retrieving the crew you were assigned to help—ESPECIALLY if it is a junior novice crew!!!!  We’re a TEAM.  Be helpful.

ALL ROWERS TO BE ONSITE IN ST. CATHARINES FOR 7AM ON SUNDAY for rigging, regardless of what time your races are.  Racing starts at 8am and boats need to be rigged quickly.  I will confirm the start time for the coach and coxswain meeting, but it will likely be at 7am.  All coxies need to attend, regardless of what time you are racing.

Coxwains, please read Dina’s post on the regatta.  All rowers, get your parents to read it if they haven’t already.   It contains course information and directions that you will find very useful.

Mothers Day Daysheet

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