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Here is the race plan for the women (plus Alex, Ethan & Ben). We have kept it relatively simple, due to the fact the coxies (and the rowers) will be dealing with all the excitement and nervousness that comes with regatta days! If you’re nervous on Sunday, remember that EVERY SINGLE OTHER ROWER IN ST. CATHARINES, is feeling the same thing. And if they aren’t, that’s a problem. Mike Spracklen, a legendary rowing coach for Canada and numerous other countries, said about nerves:

You will never win an Olympcs or World Championship if you are not afraid. The deer in the forest escapes the wolf because he is nervous. The mother bear protects her cub, because she is nervous. Nerves are there to help you.”

Remember—as your heart is pounding out of your chest, to TRY TO RELAX, and REGULATE YOUR BREATHING! Stuff will happen Sunday that we didn’t anticipate. How we deal with it moving forward is how we’ll conquer it.  You can control what you do, not what anybody else does, so go out and have the best darn race of your lives!!!


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