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No rowing on Monday, due to the length of the regatta day on Sunday.  I will put out the rest of the week on Monday. We will reconvene Tuesday morning with the following lineups:

2X: (WITH TOM) (Cherwinski) (S) Sadie, (B) Susan
2X: (WITH TOM) (Beshoff) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
4X: (WITH MIKE) (Astra) (S) Erin, (3) Lauren, (2) Vic, (B) Kat
JR 4+: (WITH TOM) (Miller) (Cox) Molly, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Fiora
4+: (WITH TOM) (Chester) (Cox) Shayda, (S) Zaiga, (3) Gillian, (2) Charlotte, (B) Kate M

1X: Alex
1X: Ben
2X: Meegan, Kat
2X: (S) Ciara, (B) Kate B

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