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There will be at least one more blog post to come, but here is some essential information so you can prepare a bit for your day.

If you show up without ID, one of two things will happen. If there’s time to make a name change before the name change deadline, you will be replaced for that race in the crew. If it’s past the deadline, the boat will be scratched entirely from the event. Do not be the person who causes your crew plus their parents to drive needlessly from Hamilton at 5:15am for a scratched race. Parents, please ensure your sons and daughters have packed their ID!

2. Coach, Coxwain and Bow person meeting at 6:30am both Saturday and Sunday. If you are racing that day as either a coxie or bow person, you must attend this meeting.

3. This regatta requires weigh ins for ALL coxies, as well as any weight class events. Weigh ins are from 6:30am-9:30am both days. (Note to coxies, you must be AT LEAST 45kg. If you are above that, all is good. If you are below that, you will be required to carry sand bags of weight that bring you up to the minimum.
Weigh ins take place as an entire crew, so don’t make us wait. Weigh-ins for the following crews:

Meaghan:  Weigh in after coxie/coach meeting.
JR MID 8+ (Whole crew weigh in at 7AM)
Ella: Weigh in after coxie/coach meeting
SR MID 2X (Whole crew weigh in at 7:30AM)

Ella: Weigh in after coxie/coach meeting
JR WOMEN 59KG 4+ (whole crew weigh in at 7:30am)
SR WOMEN 63 KG 4+ (whole crew weighs in at 7:30am)
SR MEN 72KG 2X (Weigh in at 9am)

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