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Below, you will find the day sheets, boat assignments and race plan for Welland. Directions were posted in an earlier blog. Things to be aware of:

1. ID. Do not forget it, please. Forgetting it may cost your crew their race. A common mistake is leaving it in the tent, 1.5km away. Make sure you have it when you need it. The race rules require that you have it for weigh ins and for launching. Some have asked about alternatives, but we’re at the mercy of whether those get accepted. Here are the rules, as written:

Photo Identification
• School photo identification is required for all crews and may be randomly checked for any event during HEATS.
• School photo identification is required for all crews advancing to the finals and will be checked at the Control Commission prior to the crews checking in.

2. Note WHERE you are supposed to be and at WHAT TIME you are supposed to be there. Some pre-race chats are REALLY early–that’s because I’ll be following races later on. Be aware of when you are meeting and be there. This regatta does not provide an opportunity to wait around and I won’t.

3. There will be no post-race chats at the trailer….if you want to talk to me, grab a bike and come up to the start! I will attempt to have chats with you when I see you, but this weekend is ALL about watching you race and finding ways for performance improvements. Pete and I will be in various places and together we can hopefully weigh in on what we saw in a timely manner.

4. DO NOT MISS YOUR WEIGH IN TIMES!!! Crews must weigh in together.

5. I would like one set of parents per crew to be available to carry blades to the boats and to carry them from the boat after the race, and also to help with the boat if necessary. You can work it out amongst yourselves as to who does this.


Welland SATURDAY Daysheet

Welland SUNDAY Daysheet



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