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Looking ahead to next week, just a heads up as to how the week will go. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday training will be as normal. De-rigging and loading for CSSRA will LIKELY take place on Thursday morning. Following that, seniors only (Lauren, Vic, Susan, Kat, Erin, Meegan, Erik, Lucas, Kieran & Harrison), will head to St. Catharines and rig all the boats Westdale will be using for the regatta. Following this, the above are free to go out and do a course paddle before heading home. Ideally, a couple of parents to drive and/or supervise in St. Catharines would be helpful. We should be there for four hours or so. Racing starts on Friday.

For novices and novice parents, here is what the weekend looks like:

FRIDAY: Heats to Saturday Semi-Finals
SATURDAY: Semi-Finals to Sunday finals plus Heats to Sunday Finals
SUNDAY: All Finals

You may or may not be required in St. Catharines for racing on Friday. We won’t know until the draw comes out in the next few days. While it would be great to have you there cheering your school crews, we also realize that a day in the sun at a regatta can be draining, so only crews racing will be in St. Catharines on Friday.
The day sheet will be available soon after the draw comes out. Remember your ID for ALL races–Heats, semis and finals!!!

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Significant changes this year, due to the flooding. Please read below from the Club Captain.


Please find attached the course pattern for this year’s High School Championship. Due to high water levels, we are unable to use the beach as a staging ground, as such we will be using LBC as our home base and racing across the harbour. We will be doing a floating start from the end of the breaker wall. A straight course will be set with buoys at the half way point and finish.

LBC High School Champs - Course Map 2017.png

Big boats will launch off the black dock and small boats of the grey dock. Crews are to follow the course pattern provided in Macassa Bay for warm ups and will make their way to the east side of the Bay when ready to race. Races will be called to the water 30 minutes prior to race time. As we no longer have restrictions based on lanes there will be no heats. All races will be run as finals.

The draw and boat allocation will be prepared and sent out tomorrow. It will also be printed off, along with the map, and provided in the regatta package at the coaches meeting. Coaches meeting will occur at 7:15 am Saturday morning. The first race will start at 8:30 am.

Athletes are encouraged to set up tents in the Pier 4 park. We will have a Regatta Sport booth set up in the Pier 4 park and will be doing medal presentations and a BBQ there following racing. Potential spectating points are marked on the map with stars. Spectators are to be warned that these points are experiencing some flooding.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Looking forward to an exciting day of racing!

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I will post the draw for Saturday here as soon as I get it, along with boat allocations. We usually row the boats over to the course and keep them on the beach there. After racing, we row them back as normal. Medal presentations and (I think) BBQ happen at the club afterwards. You stay over at Bayfront Park for the duration of the regatta. I believe last year it ran from something like 9-3.
Last year after Westdale won the points title, there was inappropriate behaviour where some athletes rubbed it in the face of other schools. If you win, do the things that make you respected and admired….not loathed. No such behaviour this year will be tolerated—if I hear of any such incident from any of the athletes I coach and it is proven, your season will be over and you’ll be substituted at CSSRA the following week.
We will be down at least two coaches. Peter is in Kingston and I have an early start to a long work day, but will be there for the start of it. Pay attention to when your races are scheduled, help each other, and cheer for each other.

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Hello everyone,

This weekend is the LBC outdoor High School City Champs. It takes a lot of planning to pull off an event such as this, but this year the logistics are further complicated given the unusual high lake levels and flooding conditions.

The club is asking if you would offer some help. You can do so by clicking the following link to a google document (see below). There, you will see a list of volunteer jobs. Please type your name in the field beside the task that you are interested in assisting with. It is a live document and will update itself when you close it.

Please address any concerns or questions directly to Greg Hanta at: greghanta@gmail.com


Thank you so very much!