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I will post the draw for Saturday here as soon as I get it, along with boat allocations. We usually row the boats over to the course and keep them on the beach there. After racing, we row them back as normal. Medal presentations and (I think) BBQ happen at the club afterwards. You stay over at Bayfront Park for the duration of the regatta. I believe last year it ran from something like 9-3.
Last year after Westdale won the points title, there was inappropriate behaviour where some athletes rubbed it in the face of other schools. If you win, do the things that make you respected and admired….not loathed. No such behaviour this year will be tolerated—if I hear of any such incident from any of the athletes I coach and it is proven, your season will be over and you’ll be substituted at CSSRA the following week.
We will be down at least two coaches. Peter is in Kingston and I have an early start to a long work day, but will be there for the start of it. Pay attention to when your races are scheduled, help each other, and cheer for each other.

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