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Looking ahead to next week, just a heads up as to how the week will go. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday training will be as normal. De-rigging and loading for CSSRA will LIKELY take place on Thursday morning. Following that, seniors only (Lauren, Vic, Susan, Kat, Erin, Meegan, Erik, Lucas, Kieran & Harrison), will head to St. Catharines and rig all the boats Westdale will be using for the regatta. Following this, the above are free to go out and do a course paddle before heading home. Ideally, a couple of parents to drive and/or supervise in St. Catharines would be helpful. We should be there for four hours or so. Racing starts on Friday.

For novices and novice parents, here is what the weekend looks like:

FRIDAY: Heats to Saturday Semi-Finals
SATURDAY: Semi-Finals to Sunday finals plus Heats to Sunday Finals
SUNDAY: All Finals

You may or may not be required in St. Catharines for racing on Friday. We won’t know until the draw comes out in the next few days. While it would be great to have you there cheering your school crews, we also realize that a day in the sun at a regatta can be draining, so only crews racing will be in St. Catharines on Friday.
The day sheet will be available soon after the draw comes out. Remember your ID for ALL races–Heats, semis and finals!!!

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