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Please be at the club for 7am. Some of you will be racing early and we want to be able to cheer! You saw the course and traffic pattern in an earlier blog–we will be launching and docking from the normal spot. Please be cognizant of traffic patterns. The seat racing folks this morning got a sneak preview of the course and if you saw them rocketing back and forth East to West, you now know where the course is. Boat allocations will come out tonight. Note to the Jr 8+….you will likely be in the Patterson. The Morreale fin is being fixed, but not yet ready for rowing by tomorrow morning.
I’ve asked for some race adds and will likely be sending a bunch of changes tonight. Be mindful of those upcoming changes when they come out. I’ll try to notify those for whom I’ve added or taken away races.

Have fun tomorrow. This is a great chance to meet athletes from other schools. If you plan on rowing in the summer, they could be your future crew mates!

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