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8AM: SM2X:
Erik/Lucas Lane 2
Harrison/Kieran Lane 4

8:10AM: JW8+
(Cox) Shayda), (S) Charlotte, (7) Gillian, (6) Ciara, (5) Serena, (4) Zaiga, (3) Kate B, (2) Maura, (B) Kate M-Lane 3

8:20: JM1X
Alex Lane 1

8:30AM: Slwtmen 2x
Ethan, Ben Lane 5

8:40am: SW4X
(B) Kat, (2) Vic, (3) Lauren, (S) Erin- Lane 3

Lucas-Lane 5
Erik Lane 6
Kieran-Lane 7
Harrison-Lane 8

(Cox) Meaghan, (S) Becca, (7) Kat, (6) Vic, (5) Lauren, (4) Susan, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Fiora- Lane 4

***ADDED ENTRY***Vic/Kat
Meegan, Erin-Lane 3

9:50AM: JW4+
(Cox) Molly, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Fiora-Lane 2

**ADDED ENTRY***9:50am (same race)
(Cox) Shayda, (S) Gillian, (3) Serena, (2) Zaiga, (B) Kate M-Lane TBA

(Cox) Ella, (S) Charlotte, (3) Ciara, (2) Maura, (B) Kate B-Lane 5

10:10AM: SM4X
Harrison, Erik, Lucas, Kieran-Lane 3

10:20AM: JM2X
Alex/Ethan-Lane 2

10:30AM: SW1X
Lauren-Lane 4
Susan-Lane 5
Meegan-Lane 6

10:50AM: SW4+
JW63kg4 (Cox) Ella, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Serena-Lane 4
SW4-(Cox) Kenzie, (S) Erin, (3) Susan, (2) Meegan, (B) Fiora-Lane 5

Westdale-Lane 3


Start and Finish

The start is a floating start aligned by the start official. Starts will be signaled as “Attention” followed by a pause with a length from 1 to 8 seconds then the sound of a horn or whistle. In the event the signalling device is damaged or lost the start will be signaled as “Attention” followed by a pause with a length from 1 to 8 seconds then “Row”.

In the event of bad weather, significant delays or judgement of the start official there may be a quick start. In the event of a quick start the starter will announce “This race will be a quick start.” Followed by “Attention, Row!” In the event of a quick start boats may not be perfectly aligned and hands will not be recognized.

The finish will be marked with a buoy. Finishing the race will be signaled by the sound of a horn or whistle. In the event the signalling device is lost or damaged the finish will not be signaled. All crews should race fully past the finish buoy before stopping.

Damaged equipment

There is no 100m rule at this event. All crews are responsible for verifying their equipment is in condition to race prior to launching.

Steering and Race Course

With a floating start and lightly buoyed race course the ability of each crew to steer straight is important. In any event that two or more crews are impeding on each other’s water, the fastest moving crew has right of way. The other crew(s) must adjust course or let it run until the course is clear.

Objections and Protests

Objections are not recognized at the city championships. Without objections there will be no opportunity for protests.


All races are run as straight finals. In rare cases there will be two events run within the same flight. For example if we have 2 lightweight doubles and 3 open doubles in the same age and gender category we will run them as a flight of 5.


A gold medal is awarded to each winner of their event. In rare cases where two events are run in the same flight a medal will be awarded to the top finish of both events. For example if there are 2 lightweight doubles and 3 open doubles in the same age and gender category gold medals will be earned by the top ranking lightweight double and the top ranking open double.

Entry Shifts Regarding Weight and Age classes

Events will not be run when there is a single entry in any given weight or age class for a particular boat class. The weight class, age class or both may be increased to the next tier to find a race for the entered crew. Medals will be awarded as though the class-shifted crew was originally entered in their new event.

Entries with nobody to race

If entries are submitted as the lone entry in any given event and the entry is unable to be shifted up weight or age classes to find opponents the entry may be put into a hybrid event. Hybrid events will only be created when similar boat classes are lacking events. For example a single entry in the Jr Women’s 8+ and a single entry in the Jr Women’s 4x may be combined to become a hybrid event. No advantage will be given to the smaller boat. Medals and points will be awarded the same as any other event.

Points awarded by rank

Winner: 5 points
2nd: 4 points
3rd: 3 points
4th: 2 points
5th: 1 point
6th-8th: 0 points

Rules for earning points

Each school only receives points for one entry per event. The school is awarded points for their highest ranking finish. Multiple entries with high ranking finishes can reduce the points earned by opposing schools.

Points Example

For example in the Sr W Lwt 2x event Ancaster has two entries and Westdale has one. If Ancaster ranks first and second the points work as follows:

1st – Ancaster – 5 points
2nd – Ancaster – points already received
3rd – Westdale – 3 points

Goal of the points system

A school with multiple entries cannot gain extra points, but can reduce the number of points other schools earn. This favours team depth, but allows small teams to earn the overall banner if they have a very strong year and place first and second in many races.

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