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The draw has not been released yet for next weekend, but I have the entry numbers for each event, which tells me when we’ll likely be starting our final regatta of the season! Starting on Friday means the progression is HEAT>SEMI-FINAL>FINAL. Starting on Saturday means HEAT>FINAL. The time period below is a pure guess, but should be fairly close. Also, if I miscounted, Saturday heats could actually be Friday heats—we will know for sure when the draw comes out and I will update at that time. But this allows you to plan and make mental preparations. Your FIRST mental preparation should be to ensure you have your proper school ID.

SM2X: 28 entries. Friday morning heats.
JW4+: 32 entries. Friday morning heats.
SW4X: 24 entries. Friday mid to late morning heats.
JM1X: 24 entries. Friday mid to late morning heats.
SM72KG2X: 24 entries. Friday late morning/early afternoon heats.
SM1X: 26 entries. Friday early afternoon heats.
SW4+: 26 entries. Friday afternoon heats
SM4X: 21 entries. Saturday late morning heats.
SW1X: 24 entries. Friday afternoon heats.
JW8+: 19 entries. Saturday afternoon heats.
JM2X: 22 entries. Friday late afternoon heats (***NOTE: This event is right on the cusp of either Friday heats or Saturday heats–one scratch would make it a Saturday heat***)

SW2X: 33 entries. Friday late afternoon heats.
JW63KG4+: 18 entries. Saturday late afternoon heats.

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