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A few thoughts on Cities. I’m really proud of your efforts on Saturday—every single one of you. You raced hard, you all contributed to a well-deserved points title, you had fun, and most of all, you represented Westdale impeccably well. I was proud to be one of your coaches yesterday.

A couple of thoughts about the upcoming CSSRA regatta.
1. There are 752 entries from 123 schools from as far west as BC, as far east as New Brunswick, and as far south as Florida. It’s pretty cool to see all the trailers, but remember that these athletes are NO DIFFERENT than you.

2. Remember to do the smart things that have brought you this far. Pre-race, stay out of the sun, eat properly, hydrate properly, and wear hats and sun screen. In races, POWER + PRESSURE = SPEED. If you apply this, you will be optimally carried to the limit of what your training has given you this season.

3. At some point this weekend, everybody’s season is going to end. For some, it will be the end of their high school rowing careers, which can be an emotional experience. For others it may end before a final is reached. If you are around the trailer or the boat park and see coaches in meetings with athletes, please be aware that these meetings may not always be happy affairs, especially if they happen on Saturday. Joyous, energetic and loud banter may not be what a rower whose season has just ended, wants to hear. So please be respectful of this.

4. HAVE FUN! While the above statement isn’t exactly fun, please DO have lots of fun this weekend.

5. Give it your best shot this weekend. Whether you go into your heat, semi or final as a favourite or not…..as they say in New Zealand, “HAVE A GO”!!! Have your best race of the season and propel your learning experience to a higher level! We all get to sleep in multiple days in a row next week, and believe me—we all deserve it! I plan on not seeing a “4” as the first number on my alarm clock for a LONG time after Sunday!!! So go out and leave it all on the water, so you can come back, and look in the person in the mirror and say, win or lose, “I could give nothing more than I did.”

6. Nothing makes me happier than to hear a crew say after their final race of the season, that it was their best race. We can’t control what other crews do, but if we have OUR best race, that IS what we can control. So go out and get it!!!!!

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