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Coaches;Please pass on the message to your parents! 
On June 11th from 11-3 we will have the parents “team building” row! Crews will be assigned a coach for the day that will lead them through the erg, tank and then on the water for the first three hours. The last hour crews will have the opportunity to race against the other teams! The cost for a team of 10 is $800.00, it works out to be $80.00 per person. If they want to have a team of 8 then the cost would be $100.00 per person. The entry fee essentially $800.00 per team. The goal of this is to help fundraise for new docks, new equipment for the high schools and then the member’s lounge. Please have them contact me if they are interested! My goal is to have a crew from each school 🙂 

If any of you would like to volunteer to coach your schools parents that would be awesome! 

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