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Here is the day sheet for Friday. I didn’t put the guy’s races on there, given that Mike will have made his own arrangements with them for meeting times, etc. Please allow LOTS of extra time, especially on Saturday and Sunday, to get to St. Catharines. The QEW Niagara-bound can be a terrible mess on weekends and we don’t need you to miss your race. All meetings to take place around the trailer at the posted times on the day sheet. We will meet, followed by a warm up, followed by launch. It was not necessary in Welland to do an on-land warmup because it was a 3.5km row to the start. No such luxury here, so we do a land warmup before launch.
Because we loaded Wednesday, Jake secured a FANTASTIC location for the trailer. We are the third trailer in! Those who were there last year will remember the cross country hike to get to the dock. No such problems this year!
Have a great weekend, everybody. You’ve earned the right to shine in St. Catharines!


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