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I’ll write something in longer form in the next few days, but I didn’t want too much time to pass before saying a BIG THANK YOU for cards, gifts, birthday wishes and very kind words received last night.  I’ve been asked numerous times, “why on earth would you get up at the ungodly hours and put in the hours you do.”  Simple.  We do it for you guys and being able to watch you every single step of the way and see the improvement you made every day is the payback for us.  

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WESTDALE FINALS. Cheer loud for the following crews!

10:56AM: Sr Men 1x (Lucas)
11:48: Sr Men 4x (Lucas, Harrison, Kieran, Erik)
11:58: Sr Women 1x (Lauren)
1:42PM: Jr Women 63kg 4+: (Ella, Becca, Maddy, Sequoia, Serena)

Will post about boat unloading and rigging at Leander as soon as I find out today. No day sheet today.

Lauren meets with Tom at 11am. The 4+ meets with Tom at 12:40. FYI, races are not called to the water via the loudspeaker on finals day, so be aware.

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Today is what we trained for. As good as we were yesterday, we need to be BETTER today! It’s a day not for the faint of heart, and it is quite cut-throat—we either move on to tomorrow, or we don’t. Do your very best today—that is all any of us can ask of you. I found this quote that resonates about the mindset we should all be in right now:

“Do not live in regret of today. Put your best foot forward and the steps will take care of themselves”.

Now go out there and RYAO!!!!!!