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Status of 2017/2018 Indoor Season

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Tom and me would like to give you a short update on the status of the upcoming indoor season.   There are likely rumours going around and hopefully this will provide a bit of clarity on the situation.   Our current focus is on the indoor season.

The school board is enforcing a rule that requires a teacher rep be present at all practices and events that a Westdale affiliated team is taking part in.   This does mean the rep would need to be at the school each day for practices.  As you can imagine this a hefty committment for a teacher, especially if they have limited connection to the sport.

Currently we do not have a rep which does mean that we would be unable to start practices as planned at the end of October.

We are discussing alternatives with the school board and are asking for patience from the Westdale rowing community.    It is important that we do not “jump the start” prior to doing everything that we can to reach to reach an agreement.   This means that students should stand down from pursuing teacher reps.  It will only complicate the discussion.

We’ll keep you up to date as to what is being discussed.  At some point it may be necessary for us to collect ourselves together (parents, students, coaches and the rowing club) and push this at higher levels.

Your coaches,

Tom and Mike




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