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It was an interesting couple of weeks, to be sure!  We are happy to report that Peter DeNew has, again, ridden in on his white horse and saved the day.  He will be our teacher advisor moving forward.  Thankfully there is a provision that the teacher rep must be employed by the board, and therefore does not necessarily have to be a teacher at the school.  This is an invaluable provision!  If there are any HWDSB teachers amongst our group of parents and you would be available for emergency spot duty as a fill in for Pete at the odd times he can’t be there, please let either Mike or I know.

As we approach the start of winter training, the meeting for parents and rowers will be held on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25TH at the school, with a tentative start date for winter training one week later, on November 1.  There will be further updates prior to the start date.

Any questions, please contact either Mike or I.  tbeshoff@cogeco.ca or text to 289-527-5800

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