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It was great to see everyone at last night’s meeting.  The coaches are excited to start the season, and we can’t wait to see how high we can climb!!!

The attached document needs to be read by both parents and rowers.  Once you do that, please sign the last page and return it on the first day of training, Wednesday November 1 at 6:30am in the middle gym.  Please print your name on the sheet somewhere as well, in case I can’t read your signature!

A note for experienced rowers.  The erg standards within this attached document differ widely from what you saw last night at the meeting.  I neglected to put standards for various categories (sr, jr, open, lwt), and in some cases, my math was erroneous.  I have fixed it, expanded that section and added splits.  Any questions, please ask!

Early next week, I will be publishing the first three-week cycle.  For week one, we will meet on Wednesday at 6:30am in the middle gym.  (I realize it’s grade 9 ‘Take your child to work” Day…..grade 9s may join us the following morning if unavailable!  On Wednesday, we will have a quick introductory meeting, followed by a group session.  Please note that we require your school forms to be signed before you can begin training!  If you don’t have one, please visit Mr. DeNew in Transportation Technology.  

Thursday morning will be our first group Chedoke stair run.  We will meet at the foot of Cherokee stairs at 6:30am.  Parents, please drop your rowers there, NOT at the school.  This will be the Thursday morning norm for the whole season, unless noted on this blog beforehand.  DRESS WARMLY!  Bags may be brought there–we will load them in the coach’s cars and bring them to the school afterwards, while the rowers run back to the school.

Any questions, please e-mail me at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca or text at 289-527-5800


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