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Mike mentioned the possibility of rowing scholarships south of the border, and I would like to broach the subject of RADAR.

There are opportunities to combine your post-secondary school studies with rowing, and have some or all of your tuition fees paid for by scholarship.  We usually start getting contacted by university recruiters following CIRC for any of our athletes who perform well at these events.  As a recent example, I was contacted by the University of Louisville and Cornell about one of our athletes last year, and by Louisville the year before.  There are scholarship opportunities for both men and women, but especially for women with Title IX and its effect on NCAA sports.  For grade 10s especially, it is a good time to get your name out there!  Grade 11s still have the opportunity to do so, but it’s getting late.  If securing a scholarship is of interest to you, please see me at practice and we can chat more.

If you have any aspirations beyond school rowing, or for club elite status, going through the RADAR process will be of interest to you.  RADAR (Rowing Athlete Development And Ranking), is Rowing Canada’s method of keeping athletes on the “radar” through a series of periodic testing throughout the year.   There are two windows:  October 1-November 30, and Feb 15-March 31.  There will also be monitoring camps periodically.  We will do our best to align our testing with RCA’s testing to avoid doubling up.  RADAR tests are: 2K, 6K, 1 minute and Peak Power.  (Peak power is where you pull 10 strokes and we take the highest power output within that ten stroke burst).  Again, if you are interested in submitting these scores, please speak with us.  Last year, Lauren and Lucas represented Canada at the CanAmex regatta in BC, and Lauren and Luke represented Ontario at the Canada Summer Games.

Mike, Pete and I are able to provide you with guidance should you wish to pursue excellence, (over and above your Westdale excellence, of course!!!)

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