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I would like all senior rowers to be there for our first three sessions (Wednesday, Thursday and Monday mornings) for team support.  Seniors can then decide after that, which days you will do your training on your own.

A reminder that ALL PARENT CONSENT FORMS MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TO PETER BEFORE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TRAIN WITH US.  We will not budge on this—no form, no participation in the session.

Our meeting time will be 6:30am sharp on Wednesday morning in the middle gym (the gym where the rowing machines and weights are kept).  We realize that it is grade nine “take your child to work” day and that numerous grade 9s will not be there.  That’s OK–we won’t cut you on day one!!!  There will be a quick intro from Pete and I (Mike is not there on Wednesday), followed by splitting into two groups.  Experienced athletes will do weights and S&C, and novices will erg.  The main intro session with Mike, Pete and I will take place on Monday before training.

Day 2, Thursday, PLEASE MEET AT THE FOOT OF CHEDOKE STAIRS at 6:30!!!  DRESS WARMLY.  The key for these outdoor runs is to layer up.  You can always remove layers as the morning goes on and you heat up.  When I was coaching in New Zealand, we used to run up hills and mountains–we actually had a race up a mountain at a training camp!  These sessions will make a big difference in your boat speed, so please ensure that you focus on this training and FEEL THE BURN!  After the session, book bags will be loaded into the coach’s car and returned to the school for you.  You will be running back to the school after the stair run.

See you Wednesday morning!

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