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A reminder that this is the last week of our three week “trial period”. The $50 deposit is due this Friday, so please remember to bring it with you. Cheque or cash is fine, but please ensure that the cheque states who it is for in the ‘memo’ section. If giving me cash, please ensure that I record your name as ‘paid’. If any of your parents/caregivers ask you what it is for, it is a deposit on spring rowing fees, much of which is used to pay our yoga teacher for her Winter Wednesdays. Please let your parents know that it does not go into the pockets of the coaches–we are not paid!

For this week, ALL rowers will go to Chedoke stairs on Thursday morning (November 16). There will not be a novice erg session at the school on that day.

I will let you know what this week’s Theme Thursday will be as soon as I hear from Becca.

Attached is the Cycle Two program that starts a week from Monday (November 20). There are some notes in that document that will be helpful to you as well. It may change a bit in mid-cycle. Rumour has it that there will soon be stationary bikes in the gym and available to us. I have no ETA when these will arrive, but when they do, I’m hoping to run spin classes as part of our training.

Westdale Training Program CYCLE 2 Nov 20-Dec 10

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