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One of my favourite phrases in rowing is, “MILES MAKE CHAMPIONS”, the thought being that if you want to be successful, you need to put in the miles. I can’t guarantee you that you will win a medal in the spring, even if you do put in the miles in the winter. BUT…..I can guarantee that you WON’T win a medal if you don’t put in the winter miles. Keep going the way you’re going and give yourself every opportunity to reap rewards!

Below are the top three novice men and top three novice women in overall distance on the erg this month. Well done to all!

1. Robin: 27,324 metres
2. Aleah: 26,985 metres
3. Liv: 26,195 metres

1. Max: 31,829 metres
2. Geon: 27,979 metres
3. Liam: 26,552 metres

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