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The theme for November 30 at Chedoke is: “Hippie Day”. Tie dye, wild hair and lots of necklaces!
Following the Chedoke run, Peter, Mike and I will bring back your bags. As Transportation Tech isn’t available to us anymore, we will do the drop off at the Transportation Tech ramp.

A reminder that the $50 deposit/payment is now due. There are still numerous payments to come my way. Cheques can be made out to Westdale Rowing. Cash is fine, too, but please make sure that I record your payment in my book and have a record of it.

Finally, yoga is VERY IMPORTANT to our program! Increasing your core strength and flexibility increases your stroke length and makes you faster on the water. There’s a very good reason that many top university and school programs have adopted yoga programs and we want you to benefit. I’ve been taking, and will continue to take attendance at yoga–it is a priority for us. As well, we want everyone to improve on their recent flexibility test scores, so please make a habit of stretching after practice, and stretching at home. Hamstring stretches (the one you do against a wall), is a BRILLIANT stretch for rowing!

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