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Well done this morning…and there was a good turnout of tie-dye! Mike mentioned that some of you were cold at stretching–hard to believe with the piles of delayered clothing at the bottom of the stairs! Everybody warms up at a different pace. For those of you who have built in furnaces, you won’t need as much as someone who has a hard time warming up. Dress in as many layers as you need, to keep warm. Two layers of leg clothing will never hurt–very important to keep the legs warm and avoid muscle pulls! Also, on chilly mornings like this, please make your first lap up and down at walking pace so you can warm up before picking up the pace. I’ll be starting to keep track of laps next week and it’s very important to us that we…and YOU….see your improvement in these stair runs. Like yoga, it is an exercise that will greatly improve our aerobic fitness, our leg power and our on-water speed!

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