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  1. The $50 payments have been trickling in.  There are still a number of them owing, so please make sure this gets taken care of.
  2. Some have asked about us being a bit off the posted program.  The break in at the school, as well as the added testing dates threw us off schedule.  We’re trying to stick to it as much as possible, and we should be back on track next week when we start Cycle 3.
  3. Yoga Wednesday is tomorrow—please make sure you bring your yoga mats!!
  4. You may have noticed that I started our video sessions this morning.  Everybody will get a session.  I’ll be doing it tomorrow during yoga and will pick you off individually.
  5. This week’s THEME THURSDAY is “ALOHA DAY”, (because we miss the warm weather!)  A Hawaiian shirt and a lei over your running gear is suggested!
  6. Starting this week, all are invited to FUN FRIDAYS at Leander Boat Club.  RADAR, plus any of the Podium or CSSRA Sunday group should be making this session in addition to your regular training.  I will confirm the start time, but I believe it’s in the evening.
  7. A reminder that LEANDER BC is hosting the annual HOLIDAY CHEER STAIR RUN this Sunday (Dec 10), at 8:30 at Cherokee Stairs.  It should run until about 10am.  Come out, run the stairs and meet your rival rowers from Hamilton high schools!



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