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Tuesday MAY be the first snow day of the season–it depends on how much we get overnight.  The protocol is as follows.  I will monitor HWDSB.  If there is a closure, I will post immediately to the blog.  I’ll try to send a mass text as well.  I won’t post anything unless there is a closure.  The workout for ANY snow day will be for the rowers to shovel out their place, plus their next-door-neighbours’ places.  And if you have any elderly neighbours, shovel out their places as well, please.

I’m almost halfway through the video erg sessions.  If I haven’t video’d you yet, don’t worry—your chance is coming up.  It is IMPERATIVE that you hold on to the changes that we make in these sessions.  A fairly large weight is given to technique, and if we have to keep coming back to you to correct the same things, your score won’t be very good!  So make the changes that will make you better!

Some of you still owe me the $50 deposit.  Please make sure this gets taken care of.

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