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Westdale Rowing will be bagging at Fortino’s on New Years’ Eve.  The shifts will be 10-12:45, 12:45-3:30 and 3:30-6.  We require 11 rowers per shift.  If you have a shift preference, please let me know.  If you are able to do a double shift, please let me know–double shifts will count towards your overall commitment.  If any parents are able to help as support, please let me know.  We will have an erg set up and each rower will have a stint of roughly 15 minutes on it.  Note that this stint is NOT to be at race pace, but easy and technically solid.  We don’t want you getting all sweaty, then going back and handling folks’ groceries!!  I have our collection “buckets” from last year, so we are able to re-use them.

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