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A reminder to get the entries in for the Leander Indoors on Saturday, January 13th if you haven’t done so already! St. Mary’s has 23 entries, BT has 14 and we have 11. I know we will have more entries than that, so let’s get them in and avoid the last minute scramble. A reminder on how to enter:

1. Ask your coach which category you are in.
2. Go to regattacentral.com
3. On the yellow bar, you will see ‘Sign Up’. Hit that and create an account.
4. Go back to the main page and hit “Regattas” on the top menu bar.
5. On the dropdowns, make sure you’re at Upcoming Regattas” and “Canada”.
6. Click on the “Leander Indoor Rowing Championships”.
7. Click on “Register” in the top right corner.
8. In the Club/Team affiliation box, if it shows Westdale, great. If not, hit “New Club” and type in Westdale Secondary School and hit OK.
9. That will bring up a “Contact details” page. Scroll to the bottom and hit “NEXT”. If it doesn’t let you do that and asks for contact info, fill in the form and then hit Next.
10. That will bring you to the Entry page. Click on “Submit Entry” for the event the coaches have given you.
11. Fill in the info it asks for, which is your 2K erg score (novices will not have this number yet–leave it blank). In the athlete box, start typing your name–it SHOULD autofill. If not, no worries.
12. Don’t worry about the ‘Athlete Bio”, unless you really want to put something there.
13. Hit Save and the payment page will come up. Simply pay for the entry, and you’re done.

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