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We had a really successful fundraiser on Sunday!  First, it was great to see y’all engaging with the community.  And the community evidently engaged right back—to the tune of  $2389.02 on the first count (yes, there were a few pennies that made it into the bag!).  Well done to you all!  It was also great to see a few of our alumni come out and say hello!

I will be submitting the funds into our rowing account next week after school opens.  Our next foray to Fortino’s will be on the Saturday of Family Day weekend.  Please let me know if you are NOT available for that Saturday.  As on New Years Eve, we will be doing shifts of similar length, with the only difference being that we will erg as well.  You will each do about a 15 minute stint on the erg (not physically taxing–just technically superior!) and we’ll see how many metres we can achieve as a team over the 8-hour block.  (last year, we got to 83,015 metres).  We ask that you do not exert yourself physically for this erg—no one wants sweaty hands all over their tomatoes afterwards!

See you at Leander on Wednesday morning!

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