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Our next indoor regatta, the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships, has a unique event called the “GO THE DISTANCE” event. It is a 4:00 rowing race at the end of the day. ANY ability can race, but the unique part of this is that the fastest time isn’t what determines the winner. What DOES determine the winner is a random draw at the end of the race and that person wins a brand new erg! The max number of entrants is 64, but there were only 32 entries last year. The race will be held near the end of the regatta—around 4PM. Again, ANY ability can race—if any parents want to try it, we’ll give you a quick lesson on the morning of February 2 at the school.

The chance to win an erg for Westdale Rowing, is drawing me out of retirement to do my first erg race since 2001! If anyone else feels similarly inclined to try to win one for us, please join me!

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