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I’ll put out another posting when I get all the results and recognize the category winners, but I don’t want to miss anybody, so I will wait til then to do so. But a quick CONGRATULATIONS to all Westdale rowers today! It’s not easy to put yourself on the start line and compete, but you all did today. Some really good, solid performances from our veterans and I think we’re in good shape to really lower these scores at the end of the winter. For the novices, you’ve now done your first 2K and MANY lessons were learned today. Number one? PACE YOURSELF! This race is a CLASSIC mind trick! You think you’re feeling great 2:00 in and can go for a faster split, so you do, then WHAM! (Unless you’re Celina, in which case you just keep going and achieve a result that was WAY beyond our target and expectation!! Haha–well done!) In a majority of cases, you will find that your next race on February 4th, you will learn more about how to pace yourselves, and you will see an improvement.

Entries for the next regatta (Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships) are open on RegattaCentral.com. Same procedure as this one. If you’re having any issues with the website or entries, please let me know! I heard of a couple of cases this morning that I wasn’t aware of, but it’s easily fixed! The entry fee for the February 4th regatta is $20.

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