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After much thought, we have decided to go ahead with the Chili Cookoff as a fundraiser!!! (and might I add, a REALLY fun and gastronomically satisfying fundraiser held in mid-April!!!). What is the Chili Cookoff??? For novices and novice parents, it is a night at the rowing club where a bunch of us make a pot of chili (usually 30-40 pots), then all attendees sample the chili. Everybody is given 3 little cards to vote on the best chili. There is a Chili category, a salad category and a dessert category.

Where are the proceeds for all this fundraising going?
We have already committed to the purchase of a new quad for this year pending final approval from the club….and we are seriously also considering a new double as well. These decisions were made because the championship regatta organizing committee decided to add two quad and two pair events and take away two coxed four events. This puts big pressure on a club for quads and pairs/doubles, so hence the move to try to add two boats this season.

What are the rowers and parents asked to do?
There are two vital roles for families at our event. The first is ticket sales. Each family buys 8 tickets from us that they can sell to friends/family/co-workers/friends. We take $15 per ticket from you and they’re sold for $20 each, which gives you an immediate rebate that can go towards spring rowing fees. The second role is that we ask each family to donate two bottles of wine for door prizes.

Becca Henderson has accepted the role of CHILI CHAIRPERSON. She will need some help doing the various tasks required, some of which are relatively imminent. Examples of tasks coming up:
–designing a ticket for the event;
–writing letters to a list of potential door prize donors.

If there are any questions, please ask Becca or me.

PS: ***NOTE*** Spellcheck on this blog likes to change “chili” to “child”. If you see “Child Cookoff” at any time, please be assured that we aren’t planning on BBQ-ing any of our rowers in the near future!

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