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Below is the PRELIMINARY schedule and race times for Sunday’s big event!  Rowers need to be there about an hour before their race to register, warm up, get a feel for the venue and have a chat with us before the race.

It is a big venue with a big entry list:  There are 814 entries for Sunday.  By comparison, there were 96 at Leander a couple of weeks ago!  Remember, the goal is to improve–try to be better than the last time!

The venue is the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.  Directions:  QEW to 403 to Eastgate Pkwy/Regional Rd 17/Cawthra Rd exit.  Turn left onto the Eglinton Ave ramp.   Take Eglinton Ave East and follow to Hershey Centre.

9:15 & 9:30:  JR B LIGHTWEIGHT GIRLS (Liv, Maggie, Maddy D, Maddy T, Macartney, Charlotte, Ryann, Celina)
9:45 & 10AM: JR B LIGHTWEIGHT BOYS (Ethan, Owen, Liam, Geon)
10:15 & 10:30: JR B GIRLS (Robin, Maura, Serena, Sequoia)
10:45: JR B BOYS (Max)
11:45: JR A LIGHTWEIGHT GIRLS (Becca, Aleah, Kate M, Zaiga)
12 & 12:15: JR A GIRLS (Maddy B, Fiora, Meegan)
1:00 & 1:15: JR A BOYS (Kevin)
4:00 & 4:15: GO THE DISTANCE! (Marie, Michaela, Maura, Meegan, Owen, Penny, Mike, Peter, Tom)

**NOTE: Go The Distance. Ethan isn’t able to stay, but if allowed, would anybody be willing to take his place for that event? It would make sense if it was somebody who will be there already because either the rower or their parent is doing it (That would be Liv, Sequoia, Lisa C, or Glen C? Any takers???) We may not be allowed to do this anyway–but I’ll check.



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