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First, HUGE NEWS! Westdale had 10 entries in the “Go The Distance” event at the end of the day, giving us an excellent chance of winning a brand new erg. The name drawn was PETER DENEW! Many thanks to the following entrants who tried to win an erg for our program! Meegan, Maura, Owen, Ethan (who couldn’t make it, but Sequoia took his place to keep the entry alive), Marie (Liv’s Mom), Penny (Owen’s Mom), Michaela (Sequoia’s Mom), Pete, Mike & I. Many thanks for that!!

Well done, today to all of you. It’s not easy to put your foot on the start line and compete, but most of you did just that today. Well done!

For tomorrow morning, we will start at 6:30 as normal. We’ll make use of the ergs and bikes, but your workout tomorrow will be either a light spin or a light erg to flush out the lactic acid from today. No more–just “spin the wheel”. Those who didn’t do today’s regatta will pull their 2K test.

Mike, Pete & and I will pick you off in groups or crews to let you know what will happen on the water.