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Fundraiser Target and my Promise

In today’s practice I (Coach Mike) stated a goal for our fundraising activities through the three Fortino’s events and the Annual Chili Cook-off of $15,000.

Your efforts on fundraising will have immediate benefits to you as we are purchasing two new boats (quad and double)  this year with the expected delivery of those in time for CSSRA.   You could be racing these boats!!

To give you an added incentive to reach that $15,000 target I promised that if you meet the number that I will dye my hair green for CSSRA.   Yes, long flowing hair in Westdale green.

So imagine that at CSSRA you have the satisfaction of having raised $15,000, your butt is firmly planted in a new quad, or double, and Coach Mike is roaming Henley Island with green hair.   The only thing that would put this over the top is winning a medal.  If that does not sound like the most amazing sequence of events then I don’t know what would amaze you.

I think we need to up the challenge and get to a number of $17,500.   The challenge is over to Tom and Peter to come up with their own commitment to the effort.

Maybe green and gold outfits to wear at CSSRA.  They’ll look stylish while escorting you down to your races.

Something like this except with black diamonds:


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A reminder that it is the Main & Dundurn location. Also, we have three parent supervisors–one for each shift. Sequoia’s Mom will cover the first one. Maddy’s D’s Mom will do the second shift. And Maggy’s Mom will be there for the third. They’ll be reminding you about the hands-off policy when it comes to the beer, and also to make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, Pete will be there the whole day, I will be there until about 3:30 when I have to leave for work, and Mike will be there until 4:30.

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Again, a few minor changes. Please be there 20 minutes before your shifts to meet with the manager. Remember YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE BEER!!!!

Let’s have a great day out there! Smile lots, erg technically perfectly (while not sweating!!!!), and engage with the folks about your chosen sport!

Please wear your Westdale uni if you have it. If not, please wear Westdale green! We should have all our unisuits at Ontario Indoors.

10-12:45 (11)
Caroline (Erg 10-10:15)
Geon (NO ERG)
Sequoia (Erg 10:15-10:32)
Alex (Erg 10:32-48)
Maddy B (Erg 10:48-11:05)
Ethan (Erg 11:05-11:22)
Charlotte (Erg 11:22-11:39)
Maddy D (Erg 11:39-11:55)
Becca (Erg 11:55-12:12)
Zaiga (Erg 12:12-12:29)
Max (Erg 12:29-12:45)

12:45-3:30 (11)
Caroline (Erg 12:45-1:02) (DOUBLE)
Maura (NO ERG))
Serena (Erg 1:02-1:21)
Aleah (Erg 1:21-1:38)
Sequoia (Erg 1:38-1:57) (DOUBLE)
Liam (Erg 1:57-2:15)
Robin (NO ERG)
Maddy D (Erg 2:15-2:33) (DOUBLE)
Maddy T (Erg 2:33-2:52)
Katie Mac (2:52-3:11)
Geon (Erg 3:11-3:30) (DOUBLE)

3:30-6 (11)
Maddy T (Erg 3:30-3:47) (DOUBLE)
Liv (Erg 3:47-4:04)
Ella (Erg 4:04-4:21)
Maggie (Erg 4:21-4:38)
Kevin (Erg 4:38-4:55)
Ryann (Erg 4:55-5:12)
Aleah (Erg 5:12-5:29) (DOUBLE)
Celina (Erg 5:29-5:45)
Meegan (Erg 5:45-6PM)