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Again, a few minor changes. Please be there 20 minutes before your shifts to meet with the manager. Remember YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE BEER!!!!

Let’s have a great day out there! Smile lots, erg technically perfectly (while not sweating!!!!), and engage with the folks about your chosen sport!

Please wear your Westdale uni if you have it. If not, please wear Westdale green! We should have all our unisuits at Ontario Indoors.

10-12:45 (11)
Caroline (Erg 10-10:15)
Geon (NO ERG)
Sequoia (Erg 10:15-10:32)
Alex (Erg 10:32-48)
Maddy B (Erg 10:48-11:05)
Ethan (Erg 11:05-11:22)
Charlotte (Erg 11:22-11:39)
Maddy D (Erg 11:39-11:55)
Becca (Erg 11:55-12:12)
Zaiga (Erg 12:12-12:29)
Max (Erg 12:29-12:45)

12:45-3:30 (11)
Caroline (Erg 12:45-1:02) (DOUBLE)
Maura (NO ERG))
Serena (Erg 1:02-1:21)
Aleah (Erg 1:21-1:38)
Sequoia (Erg 1:38-1:57) (DOUBLE)
Liam (Erg 1:57-2:15)
Robin (NO ERG)
Maddy D (Erg 2:15-2:33) (DOUBLE)
Maddy T (Erg 2:33-2:52)
Katie Mac (2:52-3:11)
Geon (Erg 3:11-3:30) (DOUBLE)

3:30-6 (11)
Maddy T (Erg 3:30-3:47) (DOUBLE)
Liv (Erg 3:47-4:04)
Ella (Erg 4:04-4:21)
Maggie (Erg 4:21-4:38)
Kevin (Erg 4:38-4:55)
Ryann (Erg 4:55-5:12)
Aleah (Erg 5:12-5:29) (DOUBLE)
Celina (Erg 5:29-5:45)
Meegan (Erg 5:45-6PM)

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