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Final preps this week for Ontario’s on Saturday! The week will shape up as follows: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: erg speedwork, with Thursday being somewhat of a “taper” with less duration. Wednesday is our normal yoga class–please endeavour to be there and get our numbers above the usual 15 or so who’ve been regulars. Friday is a PA Day, so you will be off. Those not racing Saturday should go for a 40 minute run. Those racing Saturday should rest, and think about your race strategy. We will reconvene next Monday with a 2K for those who aren’t racing on Saturday, and for one more week of training before March Break!!

If those who didn’t get their entries in are actually able to race, you will need to do an on-site late entry on Saturday at Ridley. I won’t be there, as I’ll be out of town from Tuesday through Sunday, but Mike or Pete will be there and be able to help. I’ll mostly be off e-mail and text for the week, but will try to get the draw out when it’s published. If that doesn’t happen, please check regattacentral.com. If you click on “heat sheet/draw” on the left panel of the regatta page, you’ll be able to see what time you’re racing. Please be there 45 minutes to an hour prior to your race so you can register, weigh in and warm up. We are aiming for a whole bunch of PBs at this regatta, so GO FOR IT!!

From the QEW, exit at 406 South. Go 4 km to Fourth Avenue exit and turn Right at top of ramp. At 2nd Traffic Light, turn Left onto Louth Street. Go 1 km and turn Left on Ridley Road (before crossing train tracks). Take 1st Left into Ridley parking lots.

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