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Drum roll, please…… The final tally for yesterday’s effort was:


Well done to all of you! A special thanks to three parents who helped us out in supervising our rowers and making sure nobody put their hands on the beer! Eva said everything went really smoothly and there were no issues–a credit to both our rowers and our parents! A big shout out to Michaela, Kathy & Sue for helping us out! (Sequoia’s Mom, Maggie’s Mom and Maddy D’s Mom!)

Onward and upwards to the final one of the year on the Saturday of Easter weekend, an event that my wife is confidently predicting will do really well, because Easter…like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years…. is “an eating holiday!!!”

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Good Sunday morning, everybody! Well done on yesterday’s Fortino’s fundraiser #2! I haven’t finished counting yet, but will hopefully do so today and be able to update you on your efforts. We weren’t nearly as busy bagging yesterday as we were on New Year’s Eve–as my wife Patricia points out, Family Day isn’t really an “eating” holiday! Haha. Nevertheless, the generosity of the community was impressive again and graciously accepted, and your roles in engaging with customers is reflected in that generosity.
I’ve stared working on the rosters for Fortino’s #3. I’ll be asking that any of you who missed yesterday or the first one, please do a double shift on March 31. We’re looking for everybody to average three shifts in total over the three fundraisers. Some have already done three, and one person has done four! Please take the load off your team mates and make your best effort to put three shifts in the books!

Moving forward, please enjoy Family Day tomorrow! If you can get out for a brisk run or other vigorous exercise for 30 minutes, you will benefit. We will reconvene on Tuesday morning at 6:30 at the school, with just a week and a half until the Ontario Indoor Championships at Ridley in St. Catharines on Saturday, March 3. If you haven’t done so, please get your entries in for this regatta.

After that, it will be just one more week of training until March Break, and after that, depending on conditions, experienced rowers who are up to date members of the club could be on the water!! I would encourage our senior rowers, especially those who don’t have a lot of sculling experience, to look into attending the Brock camp over March Break. I will provide info if you are interested. Please see me. We will be running training sessions at Leander over March Break that will be heavily focused on tank work for the novices.

After March Break, there will be three important events:
1. There will be a parents and rowers meeting at the school scheduled, to go over the on water season.
2. There will be a mandatory swim test for all novices who don’t have bronze cross, bronze medallion or lifesaving equivalent. Dates and times TBA.
3. There will be a viewing of the RCA (Rowing Canada) safety video during one of our morning training sessions, followed by a written test.

For novices and rowers who aren’t currently members of Leander, we aren’t allowed to hit the water until April–details will be extensive on that as we move towards spring.

Lastly, there are two upcoming payments. The first will be a membership to Leander BC for the spring season. The amount is $259.90. This covers club insurance and membership with Rowing Canada and RowOntario. I will go through the process on how to register a bit later on. This must be paid by April 1 in order to get on the water. There will be a second payment (amount TBA), that goes to Westdale Rowing, that will cover spring fees (regatta entry fees, regatta miscellaneous fees (such as scratch fees and name change fees), a tent and tent site rental at CSSRA). We are aiming to help you as much as we can in keeping these fees as low as possible. We will dip into our fundraising proceeds to some degree…and we’re providing a mechanism with chili cookoff tickets, to give some money back that can go to fees. Last year, I believe we charged about $75 for our Westdale fees. I can’t promise it will be that low this year, but we will try our best. Please talk to us privately if fees are an issue, as we or the club may be able to provide some assistance in this regard.

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Fundraiser Target and my Promise

In today’s practice I (Coach Mike) stated a goal for our fundraising activities through the three Fortino’s events and the Annual Chili Cook-off of $15,000.

Your efforts on fundraising will have immediate benefits to you as we are purchasing two new boats (quad and double)  this year with the expected delivery of those in time for CSSRA.   You could be racing these boats!!

To give you an added incentive to reach that $15,000 target I promised that if you meet the number that I will dye my hair green for CSSRA.   Yes, long flowing hair in Westdale green.

So imagine that at CSSRA you have the satisfaction of having raised $15,000, your butt is firmly planted in a new quad, or double, and Coach Mike is roaming Henley Island with green hair.   The only thing that would put this over the top is winning a medal.  If that does not sound like the most amazing sequence of events then I don’t know what would amaze you.

I think we need to up the challenge and get to a number of $17,500.   The challenge is over to Tom and Peter to come up with their own commitment to the effort.

Maybe green and gold outfits to wear at CSSRA.  They’ll look stylish while escorting you down to your races.

Something like this except with black diamonds:


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A reminder that it is the Main & Dundurn location. Also, we have three parent supervisors–one for each shift. Sequoia’s Mom will cover the first one. Maddy’s D’s Mom will do the second shift. And Maggy’s Mom will be there for the third. They’ll be reminding you about the hands-off policy when it comes to the beer, and also to make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, Pete will be there the whole day, I will be there until about 3:30 when I have to leave for work, and Mike will be there until 4:30.

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Again, a few minor changes. Please be there 20 minutes before your shifts to meet with the manager. Remember YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE BEER!!!!

Let’s have a great day out there! Smile lots, erg technically perfectly (while not sweating!!!!), and engage with the folks about your chosen sport!

Please wear your Westdale uni if you have it. If not, please wear Westdale green! We should have all our unisuits at Ontario Indoors.

10-12:45 (11)
Caroline (Erg 10-10:15)
Geon (NO ERG)
Sequoia (Erg 10:15-10:32)
Alex (Erg 10:32-48)
Maddy B (Erg 10:48-11:05)
Ethan (Erg 11:05-11:22)
Charlotte (Erg 11:22-11:39)
Maddy D (Erg 11:39-11:55)
Becca (Erg 11:55-12:12)
Zaiga (Erg 12:12-12:29)
Max (Erg 12:29-12:45)

12:45-3:30 (11)
Caroline (Erg 12:45-1:02) (DOUBLE)
Maura (NO ERG))
Serena (Erg 1:02-1:21)
Aleah (Erg 1:21-1:38)
Sequoia (Erg 1:38-1:57) (DOUBLE)
Liam (Erg 1:57-2:15)
Robin (NO ERG)
Maddy D (Erg 2:15-2:33) (DOUBLE)
Maddy T (Erg 2:33-2:52)
Katie Mac (2:52-3:11)
Geon (Erg 3:11-3:30) (DOUBLE)

3:30-6 (11)
Maddy T (Erg 3:30-3:47) (DOUBLE)
Liv (Erg 3:47-4:04)
Ella (Erg 4:04-4:21)
Maggie (Erg 4:21-4:38)
Kevin (Erg 4:38-4:55)
Ryann (Erg 4:55-5:12)
Aleah (Erg 5:12-5:29) (DOUBLE)
Celina (Erg 5:29-5:45)
Meegan (Erg 5:45-6PM)